John L. Sullivan   
Deputy Chief, Chief of Detectives (Retired)
Las Vegas Nevada Metropolitan Police Department




Use of Force – Less Than Lethal Weaponry – Arrest & Control Tactics – High Risk Intervention Tactics – Searches & Seizures – Warrant Service – Vehicle Pursuits – Officer Misconduct – Evidence Collection & Preservation – Internal Affairs – Administrative Incident Review – Covert & Non-Covert Investigations – Training Standards – Use of Informants – Threat Management – Crime Prevention – Hiring, Supervision & Retention of Personnel

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Foreseeability – Use of Force – Arrest Procedures & Tactics – Crime Prevention – Risk Assessment – Operational Policies & Procedures – Hiring, Training, Supervision & Retention of sexting apps Personnel – Premise Liability – Hotel, Casino, Retail, Apartment & Residential Security – Special Event Security – School Security

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